① 聆 聽   
     Listen to client
Listen to the client's initial  idea, suggestion and needs  of  the  project.
② 溝 通  
We Understood the needs from client after initial communication, brief project analysisation, having comman ground, confirm cooperarion intention 。
③ 概 念  
我們根據項目的分析, 對圖紙展開專業的燈光設計、照度計算、 三維渲染、繪製燈光模擬效果圖、動畫模擬等,形成初期方案的匯報文件。
We analysis the unique needs of various space of the project, lighting design concept present with visual perspectives and video simulation.
④ 深 化  
     Detail the design
Based on the communication among the team in concept design stage, we turn the  concept desing into design drawing sets and document for execution.
⑤ 工 地 服 務   
     Support the works
We provide face to face site services though out the whole design stage, from installation ueries solving from installer, to light focusing and programming for operator.
⑥ 支 援  
     Support the works
專案完工後, 我們可提供專業的設計維護服務, 專案的燈光環境始終如新。
We deliver post-design support for the project, espically deliver all rounded lighting design maintenance support.